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Microscopic Dentistry

Since you can only treat what you see, Dr. Berbari is pleased to join the growing number of dental offices that now provide their patients with microscope-enhanced dentistry. He utilizes a highly innovative microscope to discover what remained concealed to the naked eye.

With the microscope, you teeth and gum can be closely examined to detect microscopic problems and reveal an amazing numbers of details.

Some dental problems can now be treated before they become more serious and in a more precise manner.

There are several applications in which the microscope can be used in a general dental practice like in the case of:


Over the traditional methods, magnification is essential for performing root canal procedure. The microscope is used to detect additional canal, find access for calcified one and to detect cracks or root fractures.

Cosmetic dentistry:

One critical factor associated with aesthetics, periodontal health, and longevity of a restoration is the precision of the margins near the gumline. Improper margins can cause overhangs that may ultimately result in caries, periodontal inflammation and compromised aesthetics.

The microscope allows the preparation of the margin to be finished with extraordinary precision for amazingly precise adaptation and increase aesthetics


The use of the microscope turns dental surgery into micro surgery. With a smaller incision, smaller scar, reduced pain, quicker procedure and a much better quality.

This newest improvement adds to Dr. Berbari continuing efforts to provide patients with efficient, high quality care.

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