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There are different types of examination:

A complete examination contains a detailed dental and oral report.

The recall or follow up is a more limited form of examination. Its goal is to observe the effect of a treatment on a lesion and verify if the tissues are healed and cured. If not, the additional or different treatments may be needed. Every other new change will also be noted.

The emergency examination allows identifying a precise dental or oral problem. If necessary, immediate treatment may be provided to relieve the pain. Otherwise, a treatment plan will be elaborated and a future appointment will be given.

The orthodontic exam is very specific to patient who wishes to be informed and/or start orthodontic treatments (braces).During this appointment, impressions of your teeth will be taken to make study models. Pictures will also be taken to evaluate you bite, the bad contacts in between your upper and lower teeth and many other observations. All theses procedures will allow the dentist to study and plan the appropriate orthodontic treatment for each case.

The examination of the TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint) concerns patients who have pain in the jaw or show sign of some affection to the jaw articulation. All the data gathered during the TMJ examination will allow the dentist to determine the right treatment depending on each case. This data comes from the patient own case history, of the clinical examination by the dentist of the muscles and other physiological structure, the use of a ultra sonic device (Doppler) and the relation between the top and the bottom teeth

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