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" Creating beautiful custom smile, while respecting the limits of your anatomy. "

Complete Dental Examination

Prior to any dental work, and to serve you the best we can, we perform a 3-stage interview, examination, and plan, including details of your health, medications, and medical history, all of which can influence your dental treatment. We will:

The Interview

A member of our team will meet you, create your dental file, and ask you some health-related questions. We need to know about any health problems you are experiencing, which medications you take, whether you feel any discomfort in your mouth, and whether there is anything about your smile that you would improve or change. This information remains confidential, and is essential to creating a dental health plan for you.

The Examination

Before we propose, plan, or commence any treatment, we perform a thorough examination on several levels. Of course, we examine your mouth and teeth, but we also examine the structure of your face, neck, and head (these areas can reveal anomalies that are directly related to your teeth, mouth, and jaw). We can often identify dental problems and lesions before any symptoms present themselves. This allows us to treat them early, before there are complications and repercussions. Early detection greatly improves the rate of success of our treatments. Conditions that we often detect during the exam include:

The dental hygienist notes and reports all observations to the dentist. We use several procedures to produce your detailed dental report.

Using x-rays, we confirm our visual inspection and diagnosis. The x-ray reveals details that we cannot confirm by any other means, like:

We use an intra-oral camera to show you clear, magnified images of details inside your mouth, like an irregular aspect of the gums, and broken fillings.

The sum total of all of the results from each step of your interview and examinations becomes part of your chart with us, and allows the dentist to prepare the best possible treatment plan for you. Our hygienist will then explain to you every element of your plan, and answer your questions. At this point, we work with you on the details of insurance and financing, plus arrange for your next appointment, based on your availability.

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