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" Creating beautiful custom smile, while respecting the limits of your anatomy. "

Dr. Roni Berbari and his staff welcome you to Montreal Smiles dental centre. We thank our patients from US, Asia, Europe, Africa, and elsewhere on the globe who have recommended Dr. Roni Berbari and the quality of service we offer at the Montreal Smiles clinic.

Our patients tell us (and their friends) that our friendly staff makes them feel relaxed and reassured, that the atmosphere here is warm and inviting. It pleases us to offer you all the comfort and advantages of our modern clinic. From the front office and through to our treatment rooms and laboratories, we are equipped with the most modern, efficient, and effective computer and dental equipment.

Our computerized system for organizing and managing reservations and treatments quickly and accurately books and tracks your appointments. The same system allows us to submit insurance claims online for quick payment or reimbursement, with only rare exceptions (most insurers are accessible online).

Hygiene, Personal Safety, Comfort

Our hygiene and safety standards for your protection far exceed what is recommended by Canadian Dental Association guidelines. Our staff and our equipment enforce prevention of infection. Even the tubes that deliver the water for use inside your mouth are designed to prevent any accumulation or growth of any biofilm, keeping everything clean and safe at all times. Cleanliness and sterilization are enforced throughout the premises.

Some of the computers in our main treatment room are equipped with a camera that allows us to inspect all areas of your mouth, even the least accessible, and view them on a television for you and us to see. When not used for dental inspection, the same television is available for your entertainment!.

Central, Accessible Location

By public transportation, private car, or taxi, we are minutes from downtown Montreal, beside St. Mary’s Hospital and Côte-des-Neiges Métro (subway, underground, tube) station, with free parking available to our patients.

Corrective and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Roni Berbari is very aware of the importance and value of not only impeccable dental health, but also of having the smile you have always wanted! The corrective and cosmetic dentistry services that we offer are the most sophisticated and effective that are available today. See the before and after pictures on this site to view the exceptional work that Dr. Berbari does.


You may be able to obtain a reduction of income tax to help you with the cost of dental treatment. Other financial assistance for oral health or aesthetics may be available to you through DentoPlan to help you to invest in your smile!

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